Sunday, May 26, 2013

Haikus 4 and Beyond

sunshine the burn shine
bright new shoes for the jingle
barefoot still you stare

leaf shiver raindrop
threatened by the fall to dirt
taken by the sun

the tables with food
turned away from the wanting
mirrors divide spoils

desert throat looking
for moist air from mountain trees

fed by rotting soul

the spirit of the times
floating over our faces
masks upon the mask

(this next little poem was written without normal grammar.  It was during a training or something and I tried to just let the words g to me, brought by the previous word and my mood but not by literal meaning.  It was fun!)

when the breaking is for leaving
containing the fall
stand still in blown
sad slice epidermal
squirrel instantly beneath

Dan Updates:

We (Beat Salad ) have got 5 songs now!
Performing in Sebastopol on June 8 at the Hopmonk!

No summer break!  Aaaaa.  Full throttle til about a month off in August, then back for my final semester!

I am working on a story.  Been trying to write every day in 2013, but hasn't always happened.  I am getting back into it.  I have a story up over 30 pages right now and is going well.  Not really ready to post yet, but includes some old  and new(to me) themes:  Parents, memory, talking cats, death, dementia, immigration, therapy, anxiety.  Working title: The Dark Side Of The Moon.

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