Saturday, June 29, 2013


In a far away country
as foreign as Neptune
there is a trailer
left to rest on a cliff above the ocean

Some days it is a green hill
some days gold and dry
with laundry blowing in the sun's breeze. 

A black and white lady 
snores luxuriously in the sun
even as her eyes are clouding over
She won't notice what she loses in time
only what she has. 

Somewhere nearby
Iron & Wine is playing and 
two people are falling in love. 

The country is long gone
as is the trailer
and the black and white lady
They have swam back out into the sea. 

Here on the coast
two people are falling in love

Friday, June 28, 2013

Yep, More Haikus

take a long look out
squint your eye at the horizon
eyelash fuzziness

madness trickeld down
but he stayed dry under a rock
and then down it fell

birth a cymbal crash
that echoes then it fades
echoes hear nothing

sand in fingernails
blow through the grooves of my brain
mind is a sandstorm

the pain and the cure
two different sides of the coin
blurring the air

pinhole of feeling
spin out through the galaxy
we are all star stuff

please please stop talking
your words don't mean anything
can we please just move

oh shit that's my life
concreting the mountains
story is the same

fathers and sons alway
why do I keep looking through leaves
crouched in the same tree

through the windows glass
sun, wind and viruses dance
sick boy now sick man

music and laughter
bouncing ball the floor the wall
smile in dappled leaves

castles made of sand
fall away like a close shave
feel air when no wind