Sunday, November 11, 2012

Haikus 3

the pain of the mask
the echo beneath the smile
the eye of the storm

you are just so cute
you remind me of grandma

a quake of the mind
the family becomes ripples
love becomes sirens

sand stuck wet eyelid
the air far away blowing
the weight pressing down

brains connects through breath
invisible wind blows leaves
far apart we blink

I am caregiver
I watch the water run low
memory dried out

acceptance me, you
the problem is the echo
because I listen

sentences eclipsed
end with raindrop ellipses
breadcrumbs in the woods

always forgetting
stream rushes over the bank
hands full of wet earth

modeling the sky
your double here from the past
lets laugh for awhile

raindrop never forms
never hits the forest floor
it's always falling

lost under the sea
swimming toward the next bubble
here in the moment

construct deconstruct
the pendulum swings here there 
then deconstruction

wow they are so smart
those white men those white men now dead
where did they get off

birth a dream a myth
a mountain shadow reaching
death late afternoon

body holds the scream
long after the sound fades away
the ears keep ringing

3 year-old alone
except for little brother
wandering streets small

becoming even then
archaic as the icebox
holding back the change