Sunday, July 22, 2012

Haikus 2

flashing water light
flame within the dark ceiling
it's always midnight

waterfall of wine
sidewalk footfalls alleyway
echoing my name

the word cigarette
summertime and letting go
hungry before the bell

looking up the ground
just let me follow you down
deeper to the sound

houses upon houses
laid out dead logs after
the fire has burned out

away the river
always seems to run away
try to turn around

sand paper beat heart
drum within the ear
ring clear as a bell

wind puppet green grass
shivering shades together
remembering loss

my fecal matters
interest no one but myself
and the mirror man

stop the thought trigger
let the stream flow all around
eyes open when dry

raindrop never forms
never hits the forest floor
its always falling

birth, a dream, a myth
a mountain shadow reaching
death, late afternoon

body holds the scream
long after the sound fades away
the ears keep ringing