Sunday, June 24, 2012


I haven't been able to do much writing lately, but I did get inspired by a writing class to do a bunch of haikus.  Most of them are an attempt to distill my entire day into a few lines, using a nature metaphor.

the sky is falling
I am nowhere to be seen
looking up through glass

the monkey boys climbs
his thoughts rain never captured
by nurturing leaf

falling until death
whistling through wind and light
never to be grasped

sleep avoids my eyes
world turning below my feet
the clown stirs again

back in the hot room
words scratch like the sabertooth
finally freedom

my time with children
teaches child therapy
better than the class

day one of many
grains of sand make a desert
digging I'm thirsty

wind blows healing
inhale deeply my stomach
filling my pain

sand upon more sand
buried by fear without air
there can be no scream

my tightened center
why oh why am I hurting
water seeps over

the lovely billows
rising out above my head
begin to let go

quitting is easy
as holding my breath inside
stay quit or exhale

to another place
birds flying above the beat
my heart fills again

and like a cliche
the train pulls away from you
I only have me